23 October 2011

Fucking Dubstep

I officially hate my next door neighbor. This is a relatively new development being as he has only just moved in last month. The first month was peaceful enough. I never saw him, he never saw me, and he was fairly quiet...until last week.

Last week, I discovered my neighbor has a great, umm, talent(?) for music. It's not so much a talent as it is a penchant for playing music, really really ridiculously annoying music, very loudly. Nightly selections range anywhere from terrible scream-o selections to god awful 70's disco - basically anything that makes it sound as if non-sedated women are repeatedly getting back alley abortions with a hacksaw. That's fine, it's a mild annoyance at best, and I can drown it out with my own musical tastes or by hopping on the old Xbox, putting on the Turtle Beach headset and shooting people.

Tonight, however, my dear neighbor has struck a particularly deep nerve of mine. I don't know if it is intentional or by preference, or perhaps he fancies himself an audiophile who wishes to break into the music business, but my dear neighbor has found the one thing that makes me more insane than anything else -- dubstep. I can usually tolerate, and somewhat appreciate, most musical genres, but dubstep gets on my last living nerve to no end. I will never understand the attraction to listening to electronic machines thumping, whirring, and generally carrying on in an atonal hot mess.

But, oh, that my plight ended there! Because of neighbor's sudden interest in dubstep, and the fact that he owns a computer, he has taken this to mean that he should start trying to create some dubbed up remixes. Standard fare for this, from what I can gather is popular in the club/rave scene, is typically early 90's trash pop mixed with idiotic and annoying beats, buzzes, trills, and nonsense. But that is not good enough for neighbor. Oh no, he takes it further.

Tonight's playlist has included dubstep remixes of Boston's "More Than a Feeling", Dexie's Midnight Runner's "Come On, Eileen" (a song title I think someone should license to make a bukkake film), Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4", and the smash hit "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. While I care nothing for the final song, the other three are dear to me. I grew up listening to those songs, no I'm not that old but my father is and passed along his great taste in music to me. So, to hear them chopped and screwed, tweaked, and brutalized almost beyond recognition really fucking pisses me off. Not to mention the fact that all of them sound as if they have been done on a first generation Macintosh dot matrix printer.

Dubstep sucks. My neighbor sucks. And he is ruining the World Series even though the Rangers are winning right now. That is all.