02 May 2011


Hello again, worthy adversary. Well, the inevitable result has come at long last and the road long fraught with perilous inequity reached summation. Many would consider this a good thing, for certainly there are not many who desire the tumultuous beckoning of a life of ill designed warring. And while it is true that many things of the past that brought us to this conclusion were evil, arguably necessary, certainly this does not mean that the end is in sight. Nothing of such grandiose magnitude is truly ever over, merely ceased for undetermined time in face of new resistance. With the end of an era, short though it may be, comes a new beginning filled with much more difficult trials of will, strength, fortitude, and intellect.

In case you had yet to surmise today's topic, last night, in the late hours preceding the turning of the day, local standard time, my sister gave birth to her heathen. A celebratory occasion for most, but not me. If you are unfamiliar with the reasons or background, see earlier posts. Now, insomuch as birth is a typically joyous event, the way in which this particular misfortune came about is much the reason for my disdain thereof. Upon receiving the phone call from mother, and being informed of earlier events of the day, I was instantly pissed. My sister, the selfish, unruly, unappreciative, naive, cock sucking, tax dollar stealing, philandering, lying, life ruiner, demanded, among other things, that her mother, the grandmother-to-be, not be in the hospital for the birth. Yes, you read that right...the hospital, not just the room but the entire building. On top of this, said sister also forced upon mother the offspring already present which the father cares nothing about and is too goddamn lazy to fucking take care of, without so much as requesting as dumping the kid at the doorstep and being ungrateful for the reluctance of mother to say anything and just do it. And of course, there is the topic of the other woman, the new woman, another concubine in the harem, who is not involved in the situation at all but was allowed to be present for the extraction of the devil's spawn.

All this, combined with the previous 9 months of verbal, emotional, and mental abuse from my bitch sister, has renewed my anger, ire, hatred, and wrath. And let's not forget every single person I've ever known telling me that I can't be angry because there is a kid involved, it's not the kid's fault, etc, etc. I'm not fucking retarded, I know it's not the kids fault, but the biological fuck bags who brought the kid in to being -- it is their fault, and I have every right to be angry with them, with the situation, and ESPECIALLY with the treatment my parents have been given throughout. People need to understand that just because there is a kid in the mix, doesn't mean I have to invalidate my feelings on the situation or completely flip my thoughts like most people seem to be doing. In point of fact, I am actually mad at everyone else as well because they are acting now as if the world is perfect just because a puke and shit machine has been cut from my sister's innards. I am an island, I am alone, and I'm an asshole; this is my choice, this my burden, this me.

The best part is that I played unwilling babysitter last night for the already existent Manson child and was subsequently left in a hospital waiting room for 4 hours. Never once was it requested that I go back to the room or even acknowledged by those who caused this monstrous result. Of course, I never would have set foot in the room while the sperm donor was back there lest I throw him through the window and into the street below. However, being taken into consideration would have been at least proper. My sister knows the situation and could have easily cleared the room if she gave a flying fuck about anyone but her goddamn self, but she doesn't. I accept that this child is born, I accept that the mother and father of this child are fucking lazy, selfish, slobs who are so full of narcissism and insecurity that they want no one to interfere with their "life" that consists of lies, deceit, other women, drugs, and alienation. I do not, cannot, and will not, be seen as, or called, uncle to this bastard child. Mostly because my sister, who is unmarried to this waste of human life, refuses to give her little devil the family name. She is naming it after the sperm donor, the final slap in the face, which is funny because I am going to guarantee that in less than a year this asshole is going to leave her. That keeps me smiling throughout this whole thing, and the fact that I will get to say a big fat fucking "I TOLD YOU SO" repeatedly for the rest of my sister's miserable, inconsiderate, life.

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