15 July 2011

A Breakfast Club Kind of Day

Dear Avid Non-Readers,
      Upon the decision to enter into the realm of the blogosphere all those scant months ago, I have to admit I really didn't know where the journey would lead. Would I craft myself as the insanely funny, incredibly off-beat jokester, or would I lend unto the interwebs insightful sarcasm and narcissism in a way that would be somewhat off-putting but generally well-received? Or would I, against all odds and likelihoods, weave a tapestry of language re-telling my life story in a way that would be amusing and hold universal truth because all of humanity is basically the same?

      I've questioned this more and more as the posts have become more frequent. In the beginning, when I would post something whenever I got around to it, I find I was trying too hard to weave humor, waxing idiocies about childhood or later adultery (just go with it) and then attaching childlike renderings of things I was talking about. That was all well and good, but there is no way I could keep that up; I'm shit at art. So then came the life-revealing stories of the now times...another mistake. For while I'm a narcissist by nature, I'm also introspective and very private about personal affairs -- a quality I prize highly and have learned over the years is invaluable. And then of course, there came the philosphical ramblings of patchwork logic. I rather like those, but I fear they could become too weighty if that were to be the entireity of this blog.

      All in all, I can't say for sure still where this could go, what I might say, or even what my identity in the interwebs could be. In the end, I find that definition and labels of entities so complex becomes mired in tedium. And besides, boxes are for presents, not people. Above all, I suppose I'm no closer to ever truly having an identity, and I have an identity all the same. For in the end, we will always be a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.

It's how we blend them that counts*

*From this point forward, I promise there will be less introspection and more infuriatingly esoteric philosophy, sarcasm, witticisms, and humor that may or may not be understood.

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