01 July 2011

A Fleeting Thought

So, in the course of watching the Rangers game just now as I penned the previous post, I watched a commercial. Not out of the ordinary, but it seemed to reaffirm everything I believe about America as a whole. The commercial was for Taco Bell's new XXL something something burrito.

 In it, there are all manner of various representatives of other countries questioning the sanity of Americans and the size of the food we portion. I have to agree...why the hell is everything so gargantuan? Not only that, but then everyone runs around asking why the obesity rate is skyrocketing. You can't be serious. You don't know?

Granted the commercial is going to be seen by the masses here as funny, mostly because, as I've learned through my experiences, the general American public en masse is retarded and can't understand little more than that they are alive for some reason. Okay, I could make this a much longer diatribe but I haven't the energy. And I'm missing the Rangers game.

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